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A New Toy for Blogging

Well, it’s probably just new to ME, but Zemanta is a lovely add-on for Firefox which provides images, links and articles related to whatever you are posting. It all shows up in a sidebar as you work.  The appropriate citations seem to be

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linked in too, so there’s less fear of upsetting someone’s copyrighted material.  I just started using this 10 minutes ago, but I think we’re going to have a long, happy relationship!

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Let’s Give ’em Something to Blog About


Need something to blog about?  Plinky may have the answer.  Like my favorite quickie daily inspiration,, offers daily ideas for topics to blog about.  Of course teachers will find them useful to inspire students.  The

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prompt listed today suggests using third person to describe the scariest moment in your life.  Me?  I’ve got a humdinger about discovering that I had a fear of heights, AFTER I had reached the top of the Duomo in Italy.  Really bad timing!

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