Lifehacker and Easy Peasy

Picture 6I enjoyed the presentation Ben Davis gave at UT-Martin yesterday.  He always has so much to share!  He off-handedly referred to and of course, I’ve already found lots of interesting stuff there.  I’ve visited before but had forgotten about the smorgesbord of information about everything from preserving herbs to making shelves to nice little downloads like Easy Peasey.
“Easy Peasy aims to require little or no additional tweaking or app installation beyond what you first get. Right out of the box, you can browse the web, organize media, watch flash video, and more. Easy Peasy includes Firefox, Pidgin, Skype, Transmission BitTorrent Client, Open Office, Banshee Media Player, Picasa, Cheese Webcam Booth, and the Open Office Suite, among other free and open-source tools.”

I’m thinking of getting a netbook, so it’s nice to have some options to whatever comes with my sweet new machine!  Thanks Linux.  Thanks Lifehacker.  Thanks Ben!


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