Twitter Goes to School?

David Warlick just tweeted about iTweet,a site where you can check your Twitter account from school. Well, I’m at home so I can’t check if it works right now, but I’m clapping my hands and shouting “I do believe in fairies, I do, I do!” as Peter Pan has oft requested. (Love the Pan Man)
I’m not much of a tweeter, but I’ve been following some really smart folks on twitter. One of my frustrations has been not being able to check it at school. While my daughter tweets from her phone, I’m not quite willing to go there. does not keep all your tweets, but it does allow you to check on recent tweets from school (I hope).
I’ve been trying to convince the superintendent to start tweeting. If this really works, it should seal the deal! Thanks David (said with familiarity even though you’re a complete stranger).


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